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Mint vs. Proof Sets: What is the Difference

One of the first questions that any new coin collector or novice numismatist asks is, “What is the difference between Mint coin sets and Proof coin sets?” A common question certainly, so don’t feel badly for asking it. Certainly, you have heard of these sets,

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Getting Started with Coin Collecting

An Open Letter to New Numismatists (Coin Collectors) To start, ask yourself the following question. What is your PURPOSE in collecting coins? There are many aspects to the world of collecting coins you can consider. History That old dollar you have in your collection could

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Is My Coin Silver or Not?

How do you know if that dusty, old shoe box full of coins in the back of your closet has any silver in it? Or if that jar full of spare change on the mantle has some surprises in store for you? How do you

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The 1965 Quarter: An End to an Era

The year 1965 marked what may be one of the most iconic and historic changes in American currency. This was the year that the U.S. Mint stopped minting its quarters, (and dimes, half dollars, and dollars for that matter) in ninety percent silver. This was

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