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What Makes the Martin Van Buren Coin Different from Other Presidential Coins

When it comes to collecting coins, we love to look for the differences in coins, and we love to see what makes some coins different from other coins. Our whole ambition as coin collectors is to collect coins for their unique and special aspects. That is what makes them collectible in the first place, and that is the initial draw that we feel to them. While we might fill our books with sets for each year just to have the full collection, nothing really excites us like the special or unique or uncommon coins.

The 2008 D Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar is one such coin. First of all, it is the only coin ever made by the U.S. Mint that displays this particular president. For the series, this was the 8th Presidential dollar made in the ongoing series and it was the 4th of those minted in 2008. At that time, the U.S. Mint was producing four Presidential Coins every year.

For some interesting facts about this coin that make it unique and different:

The Martin Van Buren dollar would go on to actually be the last in the Presidential Dollar series where the phrase “In God We Trust” would be located on the edge. Starting in 2009, “In God We Trust” was located on the obverse (front) of the coin, which is where it is to this day.

The Van Buren dollar coin measures exactly 26.50 millimeters in diameter and is 2 millimeters thick, like the other Presidential Coins.

The Van Buren dollar coin weighs in right at 8.1 grams.

The Van Buren dollar coin is made from a composition of 88.5% copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, and 2% nickel, as are the other Presidential Coins.

For the design of the coin itself, the obverse was designed by U.S. Mint designer Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill. Don Everhart is and was the designer and sculptor-engraver for the reverse (back, or tails side) on which you can find a beautiful image of the Statue of Liberty itself.

Who was President Martin Van Buren?

A lot of people do not recognize the name Martin Van Buren, but his legacy became a little more well-known when a coin was made to commemorate him in 2008. For some more information about this president, check out these quick facts on him:

Van Buren was the first president born as an American citizen, and not as an immigrant from another country.

Van Buren was also the first non-British-American president. Van Buren was actually a Dutch-American.

Van Buren served only one term, from the years of 1837 to 1841.

Van Buren was a class act politician. He had actually made an entire life of politics. Van Buren had a political resume from before his becoming the nation’s 8th president which included serving as the Governor of New York, the Secretary of State, a Senator, and a Vice President. He was also an ambassador to Great Britain at one point in his life too.

As the history books say, Van Buren was an effective leader, a popular politician, and a well-skilled, intelligent, adept figurehead of American politics at that time. Van Buren was nicknamed “The Mistletoe Politician,” “The Little Magician,” and “The Red Fox of Kinderhook.”

Adding the Martin Van Buren Presidential Dollar Coin to Your Collection

If you like history then this is the coin for you. If you like building up your collection of coins then this is the coin for you too. The presidential series in general is one of the more popular and more liked series that the U.S. has put out in the last few decades, and it was and is a great idea to begin with.

The Martin Van Buren coin is a piece of history and a story teller by itself. This is a great addition to anyone’s coin collection.

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