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The Brief Career of The Flying Eagle Cent

The Flying Eagle Cent was minted at a turning point in American History. It was minted in 1857, the same year that the US Congress outlawed foreign currency in the US. Prior to that coins like Spanish silver coins were in large use. The Flying Eagle Cent also replaced the US coin known as the “Large Cent” which was about the size of a current half dollar.

James B. Longacre By Isaac Rehn (1815 - 1883)
James B. Longacre By Isaac Rehn  – Source: Wikipedia

The coin was designed by the artist James B. Longacre who made several coins and many historical portraits in his illustrious career.

Production of the Flying Eagle Cent ceased in 1859. It was replaced by the Indian Head Cent, also created by James B. Longacre.

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