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Is The 2015 Proof And Mint Set Mintage Going To Be Higher Or Lower Than 2012?

I wanted to talk a bit today about the 2015 proof sets compared to the 2012 proof sets. Many of you already know that in 2012 the proof sets were the lowest mintage since 1954 and when the mint sold out the price jumped up about 4x what the mint sold them for. The 2014 proof sets are even lower mintage but did not shoot up in price. Why might that be?
The 2012 proof and mint sets ran out at the mint suddenly early in 2013 where the 2013 and 2014 sets were offered for sale until the end of the next year. When 2012 sets ran out a lot of the large dealers were caught short and had to buy them at any price and that may have had a lot to do with the sudden increase in price which has stayed up while lower mintages since then have stayed lower.
Here are the mintages of mint and proof sets starting with 2011:

Mint Set Proof Set Silver PS
2011 533,529 1,098,835 574,175
2012 392,224 794,002 395,443
2013 376,844 802,460 419,720
2014 327,969 680,977 404,665
2015 308,524 651,267 377,109

These figures came out of the Red Book and from the US Mint website.
As you can see the mintages dropped quite a bit after 2011 and have remained lower. The 2015 may be available until the end of the year and if sales run about as they have for the last few months then it is very likely that 2015 will be even lower mintage. This is only speculation on my part as the US Mint will do as they do but it appears that mint sales are lower than in the previous years.
Does this show a trend to come? The Presidential Dollar series in effect ends this year with the last 3 presidents in the 2016 set. What will they replace it with?
Recently, silver has been on the increase and in the past this has been a good sign for coin collectors. If the trend continues we could be in for an increased interest in coin collecting which in the past has made for increasing prices.

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