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​Comparison between 90%, 40% and .999 fine silver

I have been noticing how the premium keeps going up on 90% silver and even more so on Morgan and Peace dollars. Premium is how much one has to pay beyond the actual value of the silver to get a certain type of silver item. The premium on 40% silver, such as found in 1965-1970 Kennedy half dollars, looks to be much lower than other forms of silver. Silver bullion items such as bars and rounds or Silver Eagles also have a different premium on them.

For comparison, $1,000 spent on silver and the spot price is $14.50 would yield the following:

Morgan or Peace dollars selling for $23 each containing .772 oz. silver per coin would yield just over 33 oz. silver.

90% Dimes or Quarters selling at $15 times face value containing .715 oz. silver per dollar they would have about 47 ounces of silver.

40% Kennedy half dollars dated 1965-1970 selling at 5 times face value containing .295 oz. per dollar would yield 59 ounces of silver.

35% Silver War Nickels (1942-1945) selling at $38 a roll containing 2.24 oz. silver (per roll) would yield about 58 oz. silver.

Generic bullion bars or rounds of .999 fine silver purchased for $17.50 each would yield 57 ounces of silver.

Silver Eagles purchased for $20 each would yield 50 oz. of silver.

The above buying prices were estimated by comparing prices from various dealers, including those on eBay, so please do your own analysis to be safe. There are many variables affecting the premiums on bullion so plenty of research should be done before purchasing bullion. I believe that if the value of silver were to go very high in the future, all of the above items would become much closer in value to the value of their actual silver content. If you are considering buying silver please be aware of the differences in premium. Most of all, get out there and have fun making your silver purchases!

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